Century of dolphins Abstract Art Oil Painting by Gheorghe Virtosu

Abstract Art : Oil Painting
Year of painting : 2017
Dimension (cm) : 136 X 129 X 3
Edition : ORIGINAL
Artists : Gheorghe Virtosu
Century of dolphins, buy original artwork oil painting art for sale
Century of dolphins, abstract art oil painting art for sale
Century of dolphins, buy original abstract art online
Century of dolphins, abstract painting
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The Century of dolphins, Abstract painting. Painted 2016 to 2017 by British artist, Gheorghe Virtosu, b. 1968. Oil painting, abstract art, 136 cm high by 129 cm wide. 53 X 51 inches. | dolphin art, dolphin wall art, abstract dolphin art, dolphin canvas art, dolphin paintings for sale, dolphin painting mirage |

Unlike in most of his paintings, in The Century of Dolphins, Gheorghe Virtosu paints the background blue-green that makes it more vibrant. Similarly, the quick and irregular layered brushstrokes of red, yellow, brown, and black, which fuse with the bluish background, create the impression of disharmony. Concerning the color work of the subject matter, it is not diverse, as primarily the shades of warm red, orange, yellow, and brown, along with the neutral green and black colors, prevail. It is obvious that the artist builds up layers of oil in the painting, in order to make the hues denser and distinguish the foreground from the background. The abstract painting is asymmetric, since the largest part of it is closer to the left. Likewise, the two significant focal points, which are the garnet head of a dolphin and the gray profile of a person’s face, are located on the left side of the oil painting image. The third focal point is represented by an orange boat on the right from the dolphin’s head. Besides, the abstract art work contains the images of a couple of other sea inhabitants, among which is an octopus. In addition, there is a head of an albatross, which is a common seabird.

The chaos that permeates the abstract painting image must point out the disorder in the sea, caused by the interference of a human being. Indeed, the red color of the dolphin’s head symbolizes the suffering of its species. In some countries, dolphin meat is deemed a delicacy, which results in thousands of the animals killed yearly. The gray profile of a person’s face must underscore the fact a human being is a culprit of the sea adversities. The terrified marine creatures in the lower part of the painting represent fear, since, like dolphins, they also become the prey for people.

However, noted by the artist is the music of dolphins and whales in their thalassic habitat, and accordingly the abstract painting composition with its rhythmic drawing gives us a visual music as well as the natural forms that mark a harmony. So we have as well as an ecological concern a glorification of the immanent beauty of the animal in its domicile.

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