Globetrotter monk Abstract Art Oil Painting by Gheorghe Virtosu

Abstract Art : Oil Painting
Year of painting : 2016
Dimension (cm) : 150 X 138 X 3
Edition : ORIGINAL
Artists : Gheorghe Virtosu
Globetrotter monk, buy original artwork oil painting art for sale
Globetrotter monk, abstract art oil painting art for sale
Globetrotter monk, buy original abstract art online
Globetrotter monk, abstract painting
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Globetrotter monk, abstract painting. Painted 2014 to 2016 by British artist, Gheorghe Virtosu, b. 1968. Abstract painting, Oil painting, 150 cm high by 138 cm wide. 59 X 54 inches.| online art gallery, abstract art |

While most of Virtosu’s abstract art work focuses on specific moments in time or highlights the achievements of noteworthy individuals from our past and present, certain creations are left in the subjective realm in order to challenge our minds and propel our imaginations forward. The concept of a “Globetrotter Monk” is a unique one, and this has been fascinatingly depicted in this thoughtful piece.

Monks are associated with Buddhism, a pacifistic way of life that focuses on self-awareness and meditation to unlock the secrets of the mind. The Globetrotter Monk is one who is traveling the world in order to spread the teachings of Buddha and help enlighten the masses. The color most associated with statutes of Buddha is a shade of bright gold, and this is prominently featured in this work. The monk in this painting appears to be contorted in a unique shape but has managed to retain a meditative posture regardless of the distortions. This symbolizes his ability to retain his core values and beliefs despite covering the length and breadth of the planet by foot in order to profess the teachings of Buddha. The gentle green background seen in the painting creates an enclosure for the Globetrotting monk within, marked by strong and purposeful brushstrokes accentuated with a softer shade of green.

This boundary acts as a cerebral enclosure for the monk who has to strive to retain his peace of mind during his many journeys in service of his religion. Virtosu is paying tribute to the services of a silent pilgrim who is dedicated to his cause and is intent on helping those in need.

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