Mahatma Gandhi Abstract Art Oil Painting by Gheorghe Virtosu

Abstract Art : Oil Painting
Year of painting : 2017
Dimension (cm) : 145 X 137 X 3
Edition : ORIGINAL
Artists : Gheorghe Virtosu
Mahatma Gandhi, buy original artwork oil painting art for sale
Mahatma Gandhi, abstract art oil painting art for sale
Mahatma Gandhi, buy original abstract art online
Mahatma Gandhi, abstract painting
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Mahatma Gandhi, abstract painting. Painted 2016 to 2017 by British artist, Gheorghe Virtosu, b.1968. Abstract art, Oil on canvas, 145 cm high by 136 cm wide. 57 X 53 inches. | mahatma gandhi painting art, mahatma gandhi art, mahatma gandhi oil painting |

The abstract painting Mahatma Gandhi is devoted to the life and spiritual heritage of Mahatma Gandhi, an incredible inspirer of the Indian struggle for independence. Gheorghe Virtosu pays tribute to this outstanding man who seems to know all about human soul and the strength of passion. Gheorghe Virtosu is a primary master of the abstract art movement and school. From the perception of viewer who has not engaged with abstract art, Virtosu extended beyond it and challenged its limits. From a visual focus on Gandhi’s spectacles, the artist moves to symbolic depiction of Gandhi’s personality. Not by chance this leader is depicted in bright colors while the background is grey. This choice of colors has an important meaning – Gandhi’s personality is like a ray of light in the kingdom of slavery and despair.

This abstract piece requires us to sit in front of it and absorb it. Despite the fact that it may take much time to absorb the deep meaning and emotions hidden behind this artwork, it will allow us to realize that Mahatma Gandhi was a person whose greatness can be conveyed through abstract art only. Thick and thin lines, the shadows of colors, and the exposition of Mahatma Gandhi allow viewers to understand the role of this leader in world history.

The abstract painting combines both the unity of color and shape and contraction between the shape and meaning. The abstract art work is performed with well-thought and clear lines shaping the borders of the image. This way, the viewers understand the difference between the real life of Mahatma Gandhi and his portrayal.

An artist’s brush touches the surface of the canvas delicately and attacks it with a swiping gesture. It leaves tangible traces which amplify the senses of contradiction and unity. Gheorghe Virtosu captures improvisational brushstrokes within the clear, well-thought outlines of stylish drawing. This painting possesses a certain sense for detecting and stressing suffering in all its forms. As Mahatma’s soul was torn watching how Indians suffer under the yoke of English colonizers, his emotions found their reflection on Virtosu’s canvas.

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