Past, present & Future Abstract Art Oil Painting by Gheorghe Virtosu

Abstract Art : Oil Painting
Year of painting : 2017
Dimension (cm) : 169 X 148 X 3
Edition : ORIGINAL
Artists : Gheorghe Virtosu
Past, present & Future, buy original artwork oil painting art for sale
Past, present & Future, abstract art oil painting art for sale
Past, present & Future, buy original abstract art online
Past, present & Future, abstract painting
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(Code: C1-2017-060)

Past, Present and Future, abstract painting. Painted 2016 to 2017 by British artist, Gheorghe Virtosu, b. 1968. Abstract art, Oil on canvas, 169 cm high by 148 cm wide. 66 X 58 inches. | past present future art project, past present and future art, past present future art, past present and future paintings |

In Past, Present and Future oil painting the abstract art master conveys the sense of drama and action through the complex and vibrant canvas texture, done with gestural, loose brushwork and intensive palette. Its abstract painting central figure is a dark, abstract, bulbous, hourglass figure with a subdued texture of rough brushstrokes. A curved line gently but energetically glides into and out of this figure, forming a graceful set of narrow shapes. This line is in fact invisible, but is seen on the basis of the colors (two shades of grey and every color of the rainbow except green) that fill the shapes formed by where the line intersects the hourglass figure and itself.

Although the hourglass is asymmetrical, it is roughly divided into quarters: the line bisects the abstract painting figure perpendicular to the neck of the hourglass. Each quarter of the hourglass is then occupied by the only representational images in the painting, namely a different disconnected body part in each quarter. The upper right quarter has detailed image of a half-opened eye; the upper left has an orange handprint, the bottom left has a dark footprint on a bright yellow dot, and the bottom left has a red semicircle which may represent a smile.

The background of Past, Present, and Future is composed of broad brushstrokes each of which has different shades of color, predominantly a mahogany color, with streaks of other colors such as white, grey, and purple and is also distinctive in that its brushstrokes go in all directions, which evokes a vibrant but chaotic mood, this being both, the wealth and the power of abstract art.

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